Born and raised just outside of Atlanta, Phil Carey never imagined he would find himself practicing veterinary medicine in a small country town in middle Georgia.  However, he ended up moving to Ellerslie in 2001 after marrying into a local family and fell in love with country living.  Dr. Carey worked his way through his undergraduate degree while working as a chef at Total Systems in Columbus, with his heart set on the medical field.  He began working at local veterinary offices in 2003 and decided to pursue an education in veterinary medicine.   Dr. Carey finished his undergraduate work at Columbus State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2006 and graduated Summa Cum Laude; at this time, he also received special recognition for his achievements in Microbiology, and he  was accepted into the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia.  At UGA, Dr. Carey studied mixed animal medicine and worked on a variety of animals, from dogs and cats to horses and cows.  At school he was an active member of the Christian Veterinary Mission, making one mission trip to the Apache and Navajo Nation during his junior year of school.  That same year he was awarded the Jessie Hardy Memorial Scholarship for citizenship.  Dr. Carey graduated with his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine with honors and passed his veterinary boards in May of 2010.


After graduation, Dr. Carey worked at a local mixed animal practice for two and a half years before deciding to go it alone.  He had always dreamed of starting his own practice in Harris County and was especially interested in starting up a mobile practice in order to meet the needs of those unable to bring their animals to the vet's office.  After working briefly as a relief veterinarian locally, Dr. Carey decided it was time to start his own clinic, and Vet to Pet Services was born in June of 2013.


Dr. Carey is excited to be serving the Harris County and surrounding areas as a mixed animal mobile veterinarian.  In his free time, he is usually playing golf, fishing or playing sports in the yard with his two boys and daughter.  He is also an active member of his church Waverly Hall United Methodist Church.  Practicing near his home in Ellerslie where he lives with his wife and three children has been a dream come true!