Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Harris County Chamber of Commerce  November 2013



It all started as a great idea -  to have a veterinarian come to you for all of your large and small animals' health needs!  Vet to Pet Services was born with this idea in mind when the doors of our Ellerslie, GA clinic were opened in June of 2013.


Striving to meet the veterinary needs of clients who had a hard time getting their pets in to see a doctor for regular healthcare, Vet to Pet Services started making housecalls for owners with dogs too large to ride in their car or cats afraid of the ride to the vet.  Moms who couldn't haul all of their animals and their kids to the veterinarian or elderly pet owners who could no longer drive with their animals in tow were the individuals we had in mind when starting Vet to Pet.


As word got out about the clinic, we came to see the need for a veterinarian in Ellerslie.  We began offering office visits for locals who were happy to find a vet so close to their homes.  Needless to say, we were overwhelmed with support from our friends in Ellerslie!


Currently, we pride ourselves on personalizing a pet care plan for every individual - whether at home or in our office - we will work hard to make sure your fur family is in good health!